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Contacts To Contracts Playbook

Contacts To Contracts Playbook

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Contacts to Contracts is your beginner's guide to getting your first government contract whether you're a small business owner, a sales team member, or an aspiring entrepreneur, this Q&A playbook provides answers to help you navigate the complexities of government contracting and secure lucrative contracts. From identifying opportunities and crafting winning proposals to building relationships and overcoming challenges, this book equips you with the knowledge and tools needed to get your first government contract.

Who Is This For

  1. Business owners and entrepreneurs who are interested in bidding on and winning government contracts.
  2. Sales and business development professionals who are looking to expand their client base to include government agencies and organizations.
  3. Minority, veteran, or women-owned businesses pursuing government contracts

Learning Objectives

    1. How To Register As A Government Contractor 
    2. How To Identify Contract Opportunities
    3. How To Get Licensed And Certified
    4. How To Build A Winning Proposal That Stands Out From The Competition.
    5. How To Win Bids On Contracts
    6. How To Enhancing Negotiation Skills
    7. How To Manage And Fulfill Contracts
    8. How To Evaluate Your Stats & Performance
    9. How To Be The Middle Man Of A Deal
    10. How To Overcome Common Challenges And Obstacles
    11. How To Building Relationships And Network  In The Government Contracts Industry
    12. How To Overcome Common Challenges In Government Contracting
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